Chief-in-Charge Activates PERN in Case of a Propane Incident

Propane Industry Experts

The Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) provides first responders and law enforcement with immediate expertise on handling propane emergencies, called the Propane Emergency Response Network (PERN). PERN is a network of regionalized propane teams, staffed with trained propane personnel available to advise and assist first responders.

PERN advisors will consult with the Chief-in-Charge to determine if there is a need to deploy a propane team to assist or if the situation can be communicated directly to the on-site Chief.

How PERN Works

  1. Call the PERN toll-free number at 866-880-2564
  2. State name and level of authority
  3. State the incident or emergency
  4. State location of incident including street address, intersection and city
  5. Provide contact phone number

PERN will respond within 10 minutes of the call.

These stickers featuring the PERN hotline make it convenient to easily locate the number when you’re on a call. Place them on your clipboard, dashboard or any other visible location. Contact [email protected] to request yours today.