Why Become a Member

Benefits of being a member of the MPGA

The Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) represents companies that operate within the propane industry throughout the state of Michigan. The Association’s primary purpose is to maintain high standards of practice within the industry, and in so doing, protect and expand the ability of its members to compete in the marketplace. The Association is dedicated to the betterment of the propane industry and to the customers it serves in Michigan. Membership within the MPGA means even more.

First and foremost, membership in the Michigan Propane Gas Association allows you to be part of the state association for the largest propane consuming state in the entire nation. Networking opportunities abound within the MPGA, and getting involved in MPGA will introduce you to a whole new world of potential customers, mentors, and employers.

  • MPGA membership allows you to participate and be a part of the education programs that are offered throughout the year, to assist propane marketers and dealers in training new service personnel, to help keep present employees aware of new technology, and to keep personnel up to date on their industry skills.
  • The association advocates for your best interests before the Michigan Legislature, the U.S. Congress, as well as the state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • The association’s publication Michigan Propane Journal is distributed to the industry members, the monthly digital “E-Journal” update, which includes a legislative report to keep MPGA members informed of changing Michigan laws.
  • MPGA promotes the use of propane in Michigan through usemichiganpropane.com—our consumer-oriented and mobile friendly website. MPGA reaches out further with its own Facebook page—LovemyMichiganPropane/Facebook—we encourage members to like us and follow us on Facebook!

The MPGA’s annual conventions, seminars, district meetings, and membership meetings will keep you informed about industry issues, provide opportunities to interact with all association members, learn of new regulations and safety standards, and receive updates on association programs.

Belonging to the MPGA increases the visibility of your company. The MPGA can offer you and your staff leadership roles. By participating in committees, at networking events, exhibiting in tradeshows, taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities, or presenting content at a conference, you can make an impact on numerous people who might not otherwise come into contact with your company.

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