The Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) represents companies that operate within the propane industry throughout the state of Michigan. The Association’s primary purpose is to maintain high standards of practice within the industry, and in so doing, protect and expand the ability of its members to compete in the marketplace. The Association is dedicated to the betterment of the propane industry and to the customers it serves in Michigan. Membership within the MPGA means even more.

MPGA provides members with a wide range of benefits including national representation through its affiliation with the National Propane Gas Association. As a member of MPGA, you have access to an extensive set of benefits that can help your business succeed.

  • Advocacy & Action
    The association advocates for your best interests before the Michigan Legislature, the U.S. Congress, as well as the state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Safety & Training
    Participate in education programs offered throughout the year to assist in training new service personnel, keep employees aware of new technology, and keep personnel up to date on industry skills. MPGA offers certified and non-certified employee training.
  • Meetings & Networking
    MPGA’s annual conventions, seminars, district meetings, and membership meetings will keep you informed about industry issues, help you learn about new regulations and safety standards, and provide updates on association programs. Networking opportunities abound within MPGA and getting involved will introduce you to a new world of potential customers, mentors, and employers. The Annual Propane Safety Awareness Day event at the Michigan State Capitol highlights the industry’s importance to our state.
  • Communications
    The association’s magazine, Michigan Propane Journal, is distributed to industry members quarterly as well as a bi-weekly update, eJournal which includes a legislative report to keep MPGA members informed of changing Michigan laws. Additionally, MPGA promotes the use of propane in Michigan through, our consumer-oriented and mobile friendly website. We also extend our reach through our Facebook page,
  • William B. McHenry Scholarship
    Each year MPGA awards up to two $2,500 scholarships for its members, their customers, member employees, spouses, and children.
  • National Propane Gas Association
    The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) also provides a vast amount of information to members on federal laws and regulations, industry trends and other important matters. Except in the case of multi-state marketers, who join NPGA on their own, Marketer Member dues to MPGA include dues to NPGA.
  • Safety and Marketing Materials
    Through the NPGA Resource Catalog and PERC resource center, a wealth of information, including handbooks, pamphlets, videos, and other materials, is available to promote safe practices and to market propane.
  • Group Purchasing Discounts
    MPGA also offers a full range of services and programs to meet your company, employee and personal needs with the goal to help you and your company to continue to be successful and profitable.