Propane has been successfully used as a transportation fuel since the 1920s. Today, in Michigan, over 10,000 vehicles operate on propane that can be fueled at over 500 sites throughout the state. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) recognizes propane as a clean burning alternative fuel. Tests demonstrate that propane emissions have 93% lower carbon monoxide, 73% lower hydrocarbons, and 57% lower nitrogen oxides than even the federal Clean Air Act standards.

Because propane is stored as a liquid and used as a dry gas, its driving range is quite comparable to gasoline achieving over 90 percent of the driving range of gasoline. Based on equal fuel volume, propane has the longest driving range of all alternative fuels. This means propane has more energy for each gallon of fuel than other alternative fuels.

Like other alternative fuels, propane is clean burning. Because of this clean-burning characteristic, propane engines can operate two to three times longer than gasoline and diesel engines between tune-ups.

Propane Autogas

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The IRS issued its updated guidance for claiming the Alternative Fuel Credit for 2017.   The updated guidance can be found by clicking here.

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Propane Goes to School – Propane School Buses

Click here to learn how propane is making going to school less costly on the environment and for school districts.  In Michigan, there are over 300 propane powered school buses in use throughout the state.

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Propane Vehicle Incentives

The Michigan Propane Gas Association is pleased to announce it is offering rebates to consumers toward the purchase of autogas vehicles.  Rebates are available to entities who reside in Michigan for the first time purchase of a new propane vehicle or a conversion made to an existing vehicle in 2018.  Propane companies and their employees are not eligible to receive rebates.  Any 2015 or newer OEM vehicles converted to a propane autogas system that is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is registered and operated in the state of Michigan is eligible for a $4,000 incentive payment. All federal and state incentives must be applied prior to receiving rebate funds, and the funds may be used for the incremental cost of propane vehicle versus gasoline or diesel vehicle only.  There is a limit of one rebate issued to any single entity, and the rebates are on a first come, first served basis.  Click here for an application to apply for your incentive or to learn more about this program.

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