Education and training. Industry employee training will continue CETP, HM126F, Gas Check and other industry training available for all industry personnel in the state of Michigan. Courses will resume in the spring of 2020. Click here for course schedules and registration information.

Propane emergency training. This project will continue to train Michigan’s local first responders on how to safely handle propane emergencies should they be encountered. CLICK HERE to view photos from the 2019 Propane Emergency Training Courses.

Alternative fuels on-road consumer rebates. This project will now have several objectives in 2020: continue to work with Clean Fuels Michigan; continue to promote autogas vehicle incentives to end users; promote autogas with other associations and industries.  The project includes the continued public relations component to help promote the autogas vehicle incentives and assistance in aligning MPGA/Michigan PERC with the potential for work with the Volkswagen Settlement.  MIPERC will offer rebates to consumers up to $4000 for purchase of autogas vehicles. Consumer and industry rebates will be administered on a first come, first serve basis.  CLICK HERE for more information about the $4000 vehicle incentive.

Consumer and industry education. MIPERC will continue its social media and E-Journal education forums for consumer and industry personnel education. Additionally, MIPERC will continue seasonal education campaigns for consumers, low income customers, and other safety related messaging. Safe Handling of Propane (SHOP) will continue to coordinate the seasonal outreach education along with continued outreach for low income consumer education and safety messaging. CLICK HERE to see the safety education messaging.

Construction professional education. MIPERC will continue and expand its initiatives to bring propane awareness and education resources HVAC professionals, home builders, and plumbers utilizing PERC construction education resources.
If you have questions about any of these projects, simply contact Derek Dalling at MPGA/MIPERC headquarters.