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Propane is the clean energy choice for your family.

The mission of the Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) is to promote the proper handling and use of propane, to work for favorable environment for propane distribution and marketing, and to increase its application by demonstrating propane's value as a clean energy source.

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The Michigan Propane Gas Association has a variety of retails available to help you find your best propane solution.

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Board of Directors & Membership Meeting
Doubletree Port Huron
April 11-12

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Propane Facts

Propane has a narrow range of flammability when compared with other petroleum products. In order to ignite, the propane/air mix must contain from 2.2 to 9.6 percent propane vapor. If the mixture contains less than 2.2 percent gas, it is too lean to burn. If it contains more than 9.6 percent, it is too rich to burn.

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Propane Goes Beyond the Backyard

Propane Resources

The Michigan Propane Gas Association offers a variety of resource tools for both propane consumers and builders.  Please visit our Resources section for more information.